37 Navy Bedroom Decorating Ideas You Must Try

37 Navy Bedroom Decorating Ideas You Must Try

The history of navy style that we see today stamped in interior design began in the world of fashion, still in 1920, by the designer Coco Chanel. During her vacation in Saint Tropez and Ibiza, the professional decided to create different looks inspired by the shapes and colors of the sea, making her, consequently, launch different collections extremely refined and luxurious.

Designed to cause the feeling of relaxation, the navy style is the perfect decorative pattern for those who want to take to an urban home or, more specifically, to a navy room, that tasty and very particular peace of the coast. A rather striking feature of navy decoration is that it does not impose any specific standard: all styles can merge and arise, both in the punctuated use of certain accessories, as in the composition of the furniture.


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Key Details of a Navy Room
The theme of the navy room calls for a very bright and clean environment, with special attention to the colors: navy blue, red and white, whether fully marked in different elements, such as coatings, furniture and decorative objects, or in the shape of stripes, both superelegant. A navy room can also receive navigation references through decorative pieces with the theme and that appear discreetly or greatly enhanced in the environment, depending on the taste and needs of the resident.

Navy Room Decorating Ideas
It doesn’t matter if the navy room is childish, young or double, nor does it integrate a seaside or big city house! Fact is that the nautical style will certainly offer the dormitory a sober and quiet climate. Starting with the furniture, invest in a bed, armchair and even sofa (if the navy room is large) of dark wood or wicker and upholstery/navy blue or white bedding. The same goes for cabinets, dumbmen, dressers and dressing gingers.

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For coatings, the tip is to apply wallpapers, stickers or white, blue or beige paint or, still, with striped print of dark blue (marine, oil or royal) and white. These colors, as well as red, should also be highly punctuated in the adornments: lampshade, curtain, carpet, cushions and pictures with the maritime theme, in addition to nautical lanterns; decorative miniatures of boat, fish and anchor; compasses; mini-headlamps; buoys; and even a boat helm are super welcome in a navy room.

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