40+ Excellent Colorful Kids Room Ideas You Must See

40+ Excellent Colorful Kids Room Ideas You Must See

A real playground for mothers, the nursery has evolved enormously. This is one of the rooms where there is the least compromise for two. Where mothers can give it their all by choosing prints, offbeat decoration and above all: color. No more monochrome spaces. A colorful child’s room is the promise of a licked aesthetic. At least until the children decide otherwise! So we dare, test, get it wrong and start again. The space acts as a real small laboratory. Farandoles of colorful mobiles from different countries, hues that dance in the sky to arouse their curiosity, wallpaper with geometric or floral motifs: while black appears on walls and clothes, we want weddings. Explosion. A colorful child’s room where pigments would wake up the furniture. Sun yellow carpet, multi-coloured antique carpets, sharp graphics: know no limits. It will then take for the choice of furniture. Then lay the groundwork. Start with a section of wall, carefully choosing the hue or patterns. You need to be able to put them in a living room or entrance yourself. As Florence Claude says, the most important thing is to “sensitize children very early on to aesthetics, objects, the harmony of colors because they develop their eye and taste from an early age” so put yourself at their level. Playful, contemporary, quirky: decidedly, the colorful child’s room already has everything of great!

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