Curtain decor is simple and affordable

Curtain decor is simple and affordable

Curtain decor is a good opportunity to change the look of a room, whether it is a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or children’s room. Sometimes one small detail can add comfort and charm to your home. We offer you ideas, photos, and a small master class on apartment decoration. On sale is a large selection of curtains, for different wallets, but sometimes it is so difficult to make your choice. For those who have not yet decided on a choice, there is a good alternative-decorating old curtains, which are already tired, but they look quite decent

Curtains for the kitchen

For the kitchen, curtains are most often used, not curtains. Curtains are fabrics of light weight (cotton, tulle, Voile, organza, linen). Kitchen curtains should perform two functions: close the kitchen from prying eyes from the street, and be unpretentious in washing. If the kitchen curtains are made of tulle or organza: sew flowers in the color of the curtains from ribbons or organza, and sew them on the bottom of the curtain. Flowers can be tied with needles or crocheted. It will be very romantic. Here are some photos and ideas for decorating curtains

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Kitchen Curtains





Curtains in the living room

Curtains are not only an important element of decorating the interior of the living room, they also perform the function of adjusting the light in it. On the window in the living room, you can hang a single tulle, but most of us prefer curtains made of thick or light fabric. The choice of fabric for the living room depends on whether you have a Sunny side.+

If there is a lot of sun, but you want a subdued, not bright light in the room-you need thick curtains.

If your old curtains are too short, you can extend them with rectangular loops made of a material of the same density as the curtain. Sew rectangles from this fabric, which will later become loops. Fasten the hinges at the same distance, then put the curtain for the hinges on the cornice. This kind of curtain decor is shown in the photo.

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